Explore The Cathedrals of Montreal

Notre Dame Cathedral Montreal
Jaw dropping. Impressive. Gorgeous. These really are the phrases that describe Montreal cathedrals. If you’re looking to explore the religious buildings of Montreal, be sure to spend some time reading up on each one as the history that accompanies each cathedral is fascinating. Montreal cathedrals date back to the year 1752 when the city’s first cathedral was constructed.

Take Yourself On A Montréal Cathedral Tour

To thoroughly explore the cathedrals Montreal has to offer, a tour may be your best bet. Searching online for “Montreal cathedral tour” will bring up several trusted options that not only offer tours of the cathedrals’ interiors and exteriors but provide interesting facts and history. However, if you just want to grab your camera and explore these sites yourself, see our list below for some cathedrals you should definitely include on your list.

notre dame cathedral exterior

  • Notre-Dame Basilica: Located in the historic district of Old Montreal, Notre-Dame is the most famous cathedral Montreal has to offer. Constructed in the Gothic Revival style by James O-Donnell, the architectural plans started in 1824 when O’Donnell was hired. The exterior was completed in 1843. The Notre-Dame Basilica is located a mere 800 meters from Hotel Zero 1.
  • Church of La Visitation-de-la-Bienheureuse-Vierge-Marie: Built between 1749 and 1752, this church is worth a visit because it is the oldest structure in Montreal. Very little has been renovated since the church was originally built. Located in the Recollet Falls neighborhood, it is 13km from Hotel Zero 1.
  • Saint Patrick’s Basilica: This downtown Montreal cathedral is located on René-Lévesque Boulevard and was constructed in 1847, in the Gothic Revival style of architecture. Be sure to check all 150 oil paintings of saints in the church’s interior. The cathedral is 900 meters from Hotel Zero 1.
  • Church of Saint-Pierre-Apotre: Built by architect Victor Bourgeau in 1853, the church has three knaves and a clock tower. It also holds the Chapel of Hope, which was dedicated to the victims of AIDS. It is 2km from Hotel Zero 1.
  • Christ Church Cathedral: If you’re looking for gorgeous architecture, this Anglican Gothic Revival cathedral should top your list. Completed in 1859, the architects were Frank Wills and Thomas Seaton Scott. It is 1.2km from Hotel Zero 1.
  • Church of the Gesù: The only baroque church in Montreal is located in the Ville-Marie borough. It is based on Rome’s Church of the Gesù. It is 1.4km from Hotel Zero 1.
  • Mary, Queen of the World Cathedral (Cathedral of Marie-Reine-du-Monde): Another downtown Montreal cathedral, this cathedral features an aqua blue dome and aqua blue statues. The architecture combines Renaissance architecture and Baroque architecture, and it ranks as the third largest church in Quebec. It is 1.7km from Hotel Zero 1.
  • Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal: The largest church in Quebec is fashioned after the Italian Renaissance style and is a relatively new church, completed in 1964. It is 5.9km from Hotel Zero 1.

st. paul's montreal exterior