The Best Ice cream in Town! by Tanya Kupelian

I’ve always been passionate about my ice cream ever since I was a little girl, I guess you can call me an ice cream connoisseur.

Over the years, I’ve been scouting ice cream shops to seek the best tasting and coolest ice cream flavors and concept shops. Don’t get me wrong, I do love an Oreo Mcflurry from time to time but in all honesty, it’s the independent restaurants that always catch my curiosity. These are the best ice cream shops in town that I’ve discovered so far in my opinion:


  1. Ripples Home-made ice cream

Situated on St-Laurent, this place is tiny but it has THE coolest ice cream flavors! They serve eveything from sorbet flavors to chai tea and even green tea. Best part yet, it’s all home-made.

(3880 boul. St-Laurent, Montreal,QC)

  1. Kem Koba

Another classic Montreal favorite is Kem Koba. They also serve home-made ice cream which makes everything that much tastier! They’re notoriously known for their huge line-ups in the summer…they even have a Twitter account that keeps guests updated on their line-up status!

(60 Avenue Fairmount West, Montreal, Qc H2T-2M2)

  1. Oh 3 Singes!

Newly opened and located in Laval, this gem is on of my new favorites. Everything is made in-house and they love to experiment with different exotic flavors. They also have a dipping station with the craziest selection of chocolate dips such as the Mexican which is dark chocolate with cayenne pepper to give it that little hot spice!

(1006 rue de Callieres, Laval, QC H7E-3N2)


Those are my top 3 favorite ice cream shops. Of course there are many more but those are the ones I find myself going to the most because they are the yummiest! Hope you all enjoy them as much as I do.



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